Location of Sotogrande and easy access from international airports 

Flying into Sotogrande from major European cities is straightforward and is one of the many reasons why the estate has seen such incredible growth and return visits from all over the world.  

Accessing southern Spain is easy for UK residents flying into Gibraltar airport. The in-airport process is extremely simple, as Gibraltar is also a UK territory. Then, visitors need to simply show their passport as they exit to the car park or taxi area. Flights from London Gatwick or London Heathrow airports only take around three hours direct.  

From cities like Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam and Rome, direct flights to the Spanish city of Malaga take approximately three hours before the 70-minute transfer into Sotogrande. Malaga is located east of Sotogrande, along the Costa del Sol.  

Travelling in from Copenhagen takes around three and a half hours direct to Malaga before the transfer, and Stockholm would be a four-and-a-half-hour direct flight into Malaga. For residents of Madrid, flying to Malaga is the easiest way to access Southern Spain before transferring to Sotogrande. There is also the option to travel by train into Gibraltar, which travels through a lot of the southern countryside. 

Flying to the UK first is usually the easiest way to visit the Sotogrande from outside of Europe. If travelling in from New York or elsewhere in the USA, London provides an ideal stop-off on route to Gibraltar airport. For UK residents the short trip is so easy that it keeps visitors coming back again and again. 

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