Discover luxury home design trends

Design in luxury homes plays a fundamental role in creating a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere. In the same way, having a style according to your taste will be synonymous with home and wellbeing.

At Village Verde, we are aware of the importance of the choice of decorative elements, which is why we are going to focus this article on design trends in luxury homes.

Design trends in luxury home interiors

There are an infinite number of combinations and styles to design the interior of a home according to the preferences and tastes of the inhabitants of a luxury home. However, there is one common feature that is sought after by all of them: Natural light.

Owning a property with natural light is a great advantage. In the same way, large glass windows will provide, in addition to luminosity, a great sensation of space and spaciousness.

Another popular feature in luxury interior design is what is known as minimalism, i.e. the use of a few decorative embellishments to appreciate and give importance to architectural details.

When it comes to colour choice, the most modern trends favour neutral and warm tones that create homely, bright, spacious, and welcoming spaces.

However, in any luxury property, the personal touch of the inhabitant cannot be missing. In this way, the result of the design will be unique and exclusive.

The luxury APARTMENTS of Village Verde. A dream come true!

At Village Verde, we offer luxury apartments located in Sotogrande (Costa del Sol), a magnificent place to live. The features and design will make your home a dream come true.

The main features include A contemporary and innovative style, floor areas from 181 to 524 square metres, underfloor heating and air conditioning systems, Italian fittings in the bathrooms, luxury brand kitchens, modern and elegant interiors, terraces with double orientation to enjoy the sun, among others.

Purchasing any of the exclusive apartments that we offer you will be a sure hit to enjoy the latest trends in luxury home design and to live in an idyllic and familiar environment. Don’t wait any longer and contact us to request all the information you need!

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