The security of living in Village Verde Sotogrande

More and more people are looking to gated communities as an attractive alternative to urban living. Why do some people make this living choice for themselves and their families? There are many reasons, although security, tranquillity and being part of an exclusive community can be factors.

At Village Verde we have taken this and many other aspects into account to turn a secure urbanization into a paradise for the families who stay here.

What does living in a gated community offer you?

Here are the main reasons why living in a gated community in Sotogrande is safer than any other option:

  • Safety and security

Since only residents and guests are allowed through the gates, the likelihood of crime or anti-social behaviour by outsiders is greatly reduced.

The Village Verde community together with the administration will ensure that you can go on holiday for as long as you need to and not have to worry about your home being broken into or finding damage to your property when you return.

  • Privacy

At Village Verde the excellent community facilities such as the golf courses, tennis courts or the clubhouse and swimming pools are also private, allowing residents to enjoy their activities in a quiet and private manner. In Sotogrande the feeling that you can go about your daily business without any outside interference becomes a reality.

  • Sense of community

Social life within Village Verde allows you to become familiar with other people, which fosters closeness and trust. By knowing who your neighbours are, residents of gated communities can spot a stranger in their midst more quickly than they would otherwise.

A tacit understanding is formed between the residents of a gated community. They look out for each other and provide the support their neighbours need.

  • The location

Accessibility to the community is a security point to be considered, as the location of the complex offers a natural barrier to bad intentions. Just as it is easier for people who already know where it is and know the way, the road to the development itself offers extra protection and privacy.

  • Traffic reduction

Living in a gated community means that there is no through traffic. This translates into more peace and quiet, as the only traffic generally comes from the residents of the community, along with the occasional delivery driver or other service people, making up the majority of the traffic. This provides a safe environment for pedestrians, children and pets alike, and makes walking and cycling in Village Verde enjoyable and safe.

Reducing traffic also reduces the amount of noise throughout the community.

What is life like in a gated community?

  • Fewer interruptions

In Village Verde, the only people who will bother you on your doorstep will be your own children or your neighbours who come to offer you a surprise plan, a surprise that can be much more pleasant than pushy salesmen, or market canvassers.

  • Increased property value

A combination of factors related to limited space generally makes properties in gated communities more valuable than equivalent properties in urban environments. This in turn makes them good investments, as their value tends to increase over time.

  • Safe play for children

Village Verde is designed for families making it a very safe space for children to play. Limited traffic and slower speeds make the roads safer, controlled access to the neighbourhood means there are fewer strangers to worry about and, the specially designed facilities and play areas help to keep them occupied and safe.

  • Exclusivity

Gated communities are, by their very nature, exclusive, and provide their high-end residents with a haven on the Costa del Sol.

If you are looking for luxury in a gated community, Village Verde is the perfect choice. This is the premier gated community in Sotogrande. Call +34 856 560 922 or contact us on to find out more about taking your life to another level within Village Verde.

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