Frontline golf apartments in one of the best golf clubs in Europe

If Sotogrande is one of the most hallowed centres of golf in Europe, and La Reserva Club one of the most prestigious courses within Sotogrande, then it stands to reason that this is a golf club with few equals on the continent.

To live alongside a golf course is to overlook a carefully manicured and curated parkland where long fairways flanked by wooded areas, lakes and sandy bunkers culminate in the soft verdant perfection of putting greens. In the best golf courses, this meandering, flowing landscape takes on an almost perfect, almost paradisiacal nature that sets the tone for a very privileged living environment.

Though it lies within and forms the focal point of a country club, La Reserva Club is a course open to visiting players, one of three golf clubs that have forever associated Sotogrande with the most legendary venues of the sport. In lifestyle terms, proximity to La Reserva Club means not only that you are surrounded by its lush fairways, which add to the prevailing sea and country views, but also that the clubhouse’s elegant amenities are on your doorstep.

Village Verde: Living on the edge of a classic course

Residents of Village Verde border the golf course, ensuring they enjoy not only its green parkland setting, but can also acquire access to the fine dining restaurant, pro shop, playing facilities and refined ambience of the clubhouse. This is one of the main social hubs in the area, complemented further by an adjacent tennis club, spa, lakeside restaurant and deluxe leisure area overlooking a manmade lagoon and natural surroundings.

For owners at Village Verde, which enjoys its own set of on-site leisure amenities, the nearby country club further adds to the beach clubs, yacht harbour, dining, shopping, equestrian centre and polo club that have helped to establish Sotogrande’s reputation as a residential resort of rare refinement and legendary lifestyle appeal.

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