A sense of arrival at Village Verde

Property developers and homebuyers alike tend to concentrate on design, amenities, build quality and technical features, as well as factors such as views and immediate surroundings, but many overlook one important thing: sense of arrival.

This is not a new concept, but one that is well established in the hospitality industry, particularly in luxury hotels and resorts, where first impressions are so important. The idea of driving up to an impressive hotel access where a bellhop opens your car door and you step into a luxurious reception is one of the hallmarks of quality. It is an experience established even earlier, in the grand country estates of Europe, where a long drive along a tree-lined private road leading through landscaped areas until the property came into view was typical of palaces, chateaux and other great landed homes.

It may have started in the age of the horse carriage, but this practice was no less impressive in a car and remains so today. For this reason, in addition to all the elements mentioned above that make up a very special living environment, we have taken great care to ensure that the sense of arrival at Village Verde adds to the quality of life enjoyed by residents of this stylish garden community.

Arriving home to Village Verde

Arriving home should be a something joyous and special, and so it is at Village Verde, where homeowners pass through a beautifully designed security entrance and into the private domain of their own urbanisation. Here the drive takes you through greenery and into the private parking bays and underground car parking area. The latter also offers attractive surroundings in keeping with all the communal areas within the community, ensuring a continuity of experience from the moment you pass through the outer security gate to when you enter your home.

Everything, from the entrance and landscaped areas to the garaging and pathways, adds up to a lifestyle that begins from the moment you arrive home.

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